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1st Picture Calendar Widget

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Cast a wonderful and personal Picture Wall Calendar to your Android Homescreen by using 1st Picture Calendar or, if you are using Android 4.2, add it to your Lock Screen. Chose from the most beautiful Moments from your Gallery or take live Shots with your Smartphone Camera into your Picture Calendar, Month by Month.

Did you create Pictures with other Apps? Not to worry, just use the Android Share Function (also called "send to"), select 1st Picture Calendar as the Destination App and select a Month to add the Picture to, voilá: It's in the Calendar.

In Addition to setting Pictures for Months the Calendar also allows you to specify a Caption for that Picture, which will then be shown above or left of the Picture, depending on the actual Layout.

The Calendar usually shows the current Month and marks the current Day in Blue. By using the Arrows you'll be able to browse through all Months. It is possible to have more than one Widget on your homescreen and select different months for all of them.

The Widget itself is free of Ads.


Create a Widget - Depends on your Android Version and the Launcher used. Most common Way is to long press a free Part of your Homescreen and select Add Widget from the Popup-Menu. Using the Menu Button often allows to add Widgets to your Homescreen too. On Android 3.x and higher there is a Widget Tab in your App Drawer. Long press the 1st Picture Calendar Widget and drag it to your Homescreen.

Configure the Calendar Profile - Select any Month you want to set a Picture and a Caption too. A Dialog pops up allowing to grab a Picture by Camera or from Gallery. From this Dialog you are also able to rotate the Picture clock- or counter-clockwise or share it with any App capable of handling Images.

Set the Update Interval - Use the Menu Button or the Action Bar Menu Button to get into Settings, chose Update Interval and set it to your Needs. Once you leave the Configuration App the Background Service will be restarted to reflect your changes.

Open the Configuration App - Tap on the Picture on the 1st Picture Calendar or select it from your App Drawer.

Open the Default Calendar App - Tap on the Calendar Texts below or left of the Picture

Browse Picture Calendar Widget - Tap on the Arrows above or beneath the Year / Month / Caption Texts. Those Arrows might not be visible if the Calendar Widget is too small to leave Space for them.

Remove a Widget - Long Press the Widget to be removed and move it over the Trash Can or the X showing up on your Homescreen.

Main functionality and features:

- Upto Android 4.0.x Icecream Sandwitch five different fixed Widget Sizes

- From Android 4.1 JellyBean on dynamic Widget Size with Layouts selected automatically

- From Android 4.2 on also usable as Lock Screen Widget

- Three different Layouts depending on Widget Dimensions: Tall, Wide and Square.

- Each Month features it's own Picture and Caption

- Makes use of standard Gallery and Camera Apps

- Turning Pictures 90 degrees left or right in Case they have been loaded with a wrong Orientation

- Share Function to send Pictures from the Calendar to other Apps, for example Photo editing Apps

- Able to get Pictures from other Apps through Sharing

- Preserves Battery Live through customizable Update Intervals (hourly, every 2 Hours, every 4 Hours, two Times a Day, daily)

- Manual Update through changing Widget Size or entering and leaving the Configuration App

- Multiple Widgets in parallel (f.e. different Sizes). Each widget can be set to show a different month.

Any Remarks in Terms of how to improve my App and constructive Critics are very welcome.

If you encounter any Issues, Problems or Errors, please let me know through the E-Mail-Address given below, or through sending me an Error Report with a Description on how to get to the Error.

#Photo Calendar #Wall Calendar

Recent changes:
- Widget-Layouts optimized for Nexus 7 and other 5-7" devices
- Two bugs fixed who could crash the app under certain circumstances
- Wide-Widget-Layout fixed: Picture will now always be bottom aligned with the calender texts

Thanks to Jeremy Smith for helping me with the Nexus 7 optimization.

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