AirAudio - AirPlay for Android

AirAudio - AirPlay for Android

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Would you like to be able to stream all audio-signals from any application on your Android device to your Airplay-enabled receivers?

Then AirAudio is the solution for you!

/!\ For this application, a device with ROOT access and Android >= 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is recommended /!\

Imagine you come home and can continue enjoying the music, to which you have just listened on your phone, just on your big speakers at home.
Or are you lying on the sofa and would like to play a song from YouTube on your AV-receiver.

You can stream audio from any application (except telephony), for example your favorite MP3-player (e.g. Poweramp) or YouTube, games, FM radio, digital radio, webcast or online radio (e.g.

All AirPlay-enabled devices can be (simultaneously) used as a receiver:

1. Apple Airport Express 1.-3. generation (Apple TV is maybe not supported at the moment)
2. Airplay-enabled AV receivers e.g. from Pioneer, YAMAHA, DENON or ONKYO (only some due to DRM-protection)
3. Software like Shairport, Shairport4w, Rogue Amoeba's Airfoil Speakers or the XBMC Media Center
4. AirBubble, HIFISpeaker or any other Airplay-receiver application of your choise on another Android-device

Once you have selected one or more Airplay-receivers, AirAudio just runs in the background until you close the connection.

/!\ To transfer all audio signals, a ROOT access and Android >= 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is required /!\

Those who do not have a rooted Android device or an older version (
With the built-in microphone-mode, you can still stream your music (in low quality and with a possible acoustic echo), sing karaoke or stream other sounds.
Do you have children? Establish a connection to your AirPlay-enabled receiver, select the microphone-mode and wait.. :-)

The best:

You can try & use AirAudio for FREE as long as you like to.
If your device is not (yet) supported, you can still use the microphone-mode without restrictions.

If your device is supported and your are streaming direct audio-signals from your device, AirAudio will insert some noise until you have purchased a small activation license from inside the application.

We have plans for the next versions:

- Control audio-level of android-device & receivers independently
- An AirAudio-widget, which should enable 1-click-connections
- A media player, so owners of unsupported devices can also stream music in high quality
- A real-time voice-changer - for more fun in the microphone-mode
- DLNA - Support
- AirPlay-receiver

PS.: If you have problems with AirAudio, please contact us via e-mail and we will try to help you.
AirAudio is a FREE software! Just voting down helps no one.

If your have a device with Android >= 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and AirAudio says "Not supported", please leave it installed and check for updates in the next time. You can help us supporting your device if you contact us via e-mail.


Sadly AirAudio may crash your device and prevent it from rebooting if it is not supported.

But if your phone does not boot again, please to the following:

1. Restart your phone (e.g. pull out/in the battery)
2. Connect it via USB and call "adb shell"
3. call "su"
4. call "cd /system/lib/hw"
5. call "ls audio.primary*"
6. you will then see a list of files like the following:

7. in my case, the "" is the backup of "".
8. call "mount -o remount,rw -t ext3 /dev/block/mmcblk0p25 /system"
9. now restore the backup with "dd if=audio.primary.(your brand).so.original.bak of=audio.primary.(your brand).so

If the remount-command was the correct one, everything should be fine now. Maybe your phone starts then without a restart, otherwise please restart it again.

Please send us an e-mail if you have problems.

Recent changes:

Thanks to supporting users, the compatibility-check of the audio-module is now more stable.
The rate of wrongly as "supported" rated devices should be now much smaller.

Existing users are not affected!

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