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Find local deals and redeem them with mobile coupons and acquire loyalty points that can be used to get better deals at the businesses where you purchased the deal. Browse, search, download and share apps with others from Aproov's app store. Create private chat groups. Chat in multiple groups simultaneously.

Please do not give this app a bad rating because there are no deals in your area. It will take time for this to grow. Recommend it to businesses in your area to help them provide you with a greater service. Rate the app on its overall quality. Thank you!

Key Features

* Browse for deals in 3 separate locations simultaneously
* Set the radius for deals for each location separately, up to 50 miles/km
* Redeem mobile coupons in real-time at the checkout or point of sales
* No barcodes, QR codes or scanned coupons used. Each coupon code is unique.
* Acquire loyalty points from each business separately and use them for even better deals
* View all the deals offered by any business
* Read reviews by others about deals in your area
* View slideshows of products
* Bookmark deals and businesses
* Browse and search for apps in Aproov's app store
* Download and share apps with chat groups
* Write reviews and rate apps
* Contact the app developer
* Create multiple chat groups and chat in multiple groups simultaneously
* Create a list of trusted contacts
* Assign trusted contacts names that are more applicable to your relationship
* Any group member can add more group members
* Create groups with icons and names
* Automatic group creation on all devices for all group members
* No sending or receiving "Request to be Friend" allowed
* Visual and audio notification when a message arrives
* Remove or block members or groups
* Supports multiple accounts on a single device

If you're a business, Aproov offers a top notch mobile deals and mobile coupon service that allows you to publish deals to smartphones to customers in your area. Process mobile coupons in real-time with only a smartphone or tablet. No barcodes, QR codes or scanned coupons.

Until September 31, 2012, the first 1000 businesses to sign up receive one full year of the service FREE of charge. Receive an additional 6 months for referring Aproov Checkout to another business. Visit www.aproov.com for more details. HURRY NOW BEFORE THE OFFER EXPIRES!

Using Aproov

Aproov has a built-in user's manual. It is available from the Help tab and is shown automatically for when the app is run for the first time. It is important to read this documentation to understand how deals and chatting works. While simple to use, Aproov presents a novel way of creating chat groups, so it is important to understand the concepts before attempting to use it.

Recent changes:
Added Spanish UI
Added Aproov deals and coupons

Latest version: 3.0.2 (for Android version 2.1 and higher)
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