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Aximedia Slide Show Creator allows you to make a video from your photos and music. A video editing is online and you can use your mobile device during the editing process. The “cloud computing” technology lets you not to load whole power of your smartphone, but send your data to the server. The server creates video and sends an email with a link to ready video in your personal collection on our web site and on YouTube. You can also download a video on your device.

You can be sure that your uploaded personal photos, music and other files are protected from other people’s access. We store your files temporarily for 7 days to save your traffic - you need not to upload the same files twice.
Warning: if you publish your slideshow to YouTube with Aximedia Slide Show Creator then it becomes accessible for all users on Aximedia’s channel
But if you will add your slideshow to your private collection on our web site ( then only you will have access to it and only you will manage your slideshow files.

You can use our Extra Features Store. Get extra features to improve your slide show!
•Remove the logo from the video
•Watch for more…

•Add and rearrange pictures
The timeline shows thumbnails of your pictures – this makes it easier to rearrange and delete pictures from your video
•Add music or a voice track
Choose a sound track from your device or our online collection
•Set time
You can set time for each picture, for total video length or fit time to sound track length
•Add transitions
You can add transitions between each of your pictures.
•Upload slideshow to Youtube
•Download a video on your Android
•Add a video to your personal collection on our web site
•Send a video via email

-= How to get maximum enjoyment from Slide Show Creator =-
If you want to create a slide show of 5 or more photos then we recommend using a Wi-Fi Internet connection. If you have a slow Internet connection like GPRS then you should make short slide shows of 4 or less photos.

Supported languages
* English
* Chinese

Input Formats
.bmp, .jpg, .jpeg, .png
.mp3, .wav

Output Formats

Output Video Resolutions
320 x 240 px
480 x 320 px

For more information visit the official site.

If you have any issues or suggestions concerning Aximedia Slide Show Creator, please write us to We will make our product better ASAP. And please post a comment on user reviews page.

Share your emotions from your trip or celebration with your friends and convert it to funny presentations.

Recent changes:
ver 1.9
* New feature! Publish on user's personal YouTube channel!
* Registration became simplier: "Nick" field is removed from register screen.
* Music in online collection is refreshed.

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