Bible Pro KJV - Offline

Bible Pro KJV - Offline

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Absolutely Free (No Ads)
The COMPLETE Bible in an Interactive Readable & Searchable Offline format

Click on:

## a single item to view it’s Books/Chapters/Verses.
## a Verse to view it’s full text content. You can adjust the Verse Text Size
## Search Button(or Menu) to go to OFFLINE Search Mode.
## In Verse view, Use Socialize Action Bar to Like/Share/Comment the Verse. Liking a Verse will add it to your Favorites List

- Completely Offline Bible Pro application with King James Version (KJV)
- Divided into Books, Chapters and Version Lists.
- Searchable (Search Key)
- Like/Comment/Share Bible Verses through inbuilt Social Features through Facebook or Anonymously (Socialize)
- Display's Current Path in every Screen and in every Verse so that you know where you are.
- Search by Book Title and Verse Text
- Bookmarking favorite Articles
- Saves Previous Search State
- Navigate Indexes by Trackball/D-Pad
- Scroll through Articles by Volume Keys or Swipe
- Tablet Screens Supported
- Neat Presentation in the form of Heading and Description in every Screen
- Text size can be increased/Decreased for Article Content.
- Aesthetic Reading Experience
- Low Memory Resources required
- A good way to teach kid's about Bible and Faith
- Share Verse Title, Content or both through SMS, Email or any text related application.
And many more!

Recent changes:
V 1.0:
.Socialize Upgraded with Action Bar
.Favorites feature added and integrated with Socialize Like feature
You can now save your favorite verses to a separate ‘bookmark’ list which you can access from the options menu
.Search by Book Name feature added
.Like/comment added to every
.Comment/Discuss included in Home, Chapter, Verse List and Search screens
.’Copy to Clipboard’ feature added
.Resolved reported Force Close issues
.Default Install Location set to External Memory/SD card

Latest version: 1 (for Android version 2.1 and higher, supports App2SD)
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