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Captain Commando

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On Earth in the year 2026. Crime rampage. Most of the perpetrators hold ordinary people have no special abilities, person criminal Superman], so there is a crime-fighting team called CaptainCommando. Capcom original character debut worldview set in a theme park, the story in order to knock down a vain attempt to dominate the world careerist. "Street Fighter" has been the first time in two years with the previous similar works, progress on the screen and feel that is a leap of four roles to choose from, a special casing 4 people and the game. Another important change is the introduction of the horse concept, the protagonist can sit on a huge walk machine to combat with the enemy, though powerful, but due to the huge volume of slowness, the attack may also greatly increase the system after many works that draw on . The arcade game "famous" established typical architecture called classic Capcom horizontal version clearance.
Stronger balance of the game, the game supports up to four people at the same time, each role are distinctive, with unique moves, game the advocating tie, first joining the mount pass game, creating a history-making the horse action pass game .

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