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BlueDict (dark blue Dictionary) instructions

    BlueDict is a Android mobile operating system based on dictionary software, dictionary use MDict format (into extension. MDX and the main file. MDD resource file, MDD resource file is not required).

First, the following main features:
1 speed: the speed of both is to start, or search speed, are very fast and quick.
2 strong function: because MDX is the dictionary supports HTML format, so you can support illustrated in BlueDict and supports 150,000 pronunciation of English words of special files, and also supports embedded web pages with the phrase word pronunciation.
3 interface is simple and beautiful: the main search interface is very simple, containing only one input file area and the search results list, the contents of the display interface is very beautiful.
4 supports multiple dictionaries federated search, you can only search the current dictionary, search the contents of free heart.
5 vast amounts of resources: MDict can say is the most successful format of a dictionary. Now has more than 1,400 information in this electronic dictionary, if you have to download it, enough to storm out of your hard drive.

Second, install and use:
1 first download BlueDict the installation package, you can download Palm Baike the BlueDict area, which is currently BlueDict release a new version of the place.

(2) After installation, run a BlueDict program, then the program will prompt "Dictionary list is empty ...." such information, then the program will create the appropriate memory card folder, after you exit the program, the phone The memory card can see these folders, respectively:

BlueDict main folder, the following have AudioLib, Dicts, Fonts so that three sub-folders (Note: Android phone on the folder is not the same case, with particular attention to this point, with Winodws different).
┣ AudioLib resource folder for the sound can be a dedicated 376M of sound files into folders, which makes it possible to read the sound of English words.
┣ Dicts home folder for the dictionary and put this folder in the dictionary file, the software will be automatically recognized and loaded. (Ie mdx file, or another of the same name mdd file, if there is an external css file, but also on the folder)
┗ Fonts fonts for external storage, the other individual may be stored in the font dictionary.

When will you have downloaded from the Internet into the dictionary to Dicts folder, if you download some special font dictionary on into the Fonts folder, if you download a dedicated sound files, you put AudioLib folder.

3 run the program again, you should see a list of the contents of the dictionary has been, and then you can use the normal software.

Third, the common dictionary download:
Common Chinese Dictionary:
Several English Dictionary:
150,000 word pronunciation libraries:
(Pronounced library downloaded, stored on the card on the BlueDict / AudioLib folder can)

Fourth, more dictionary download:
VeryCD on the part of the Download:
A total of 1400 Palm Baike remnants Dictionary:

Version 3.26 update
1 revised and optimized version of the pronunciation on the noise may be issued and may cause the program to crash BUG.
(2) under the external AudioLib/MP3 external MP3 sounds files, not only directly on the folder can be categorized as stored in a / b / c in 26 different folders.

Version 3.25 update
1 Optimization: resource file for the sound of voices in the SPX format optimized for playback, click the playback speed of response.
(2) optimization: the text content of the press and sometimes unexpected pop-up menu of the situation has been optimized to reduce the possibility of unexpected pop-up.
3 Optimization: join such a large size of the flat-screen layout optimized for display on the plate better.
4 Enhancements: added support for external sound files, location AudioLib/MP3 folder (create your own folders), for example, in the folder into the boy.mp3 file, check the word boy, priority Use this mp3 to pronunciation.
5 Fixed: In the dictionary during operation, while the use of ordinary window query with a floating window, another window may cause the body can not display the BUG.
6 Fixed: on the part of the Tablet PC to get the serial number on a failure to deal with the situation, to enhance the likelihood of success to get the serial number.
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