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Produced by the famous team PunchBox "fishing up people" (Fishing Joy ™) Andrews (Android) 1.2 is the official on-line! Still waiting for the fishing line it? From Andrews fishing game players can also pocket, anytime, anywhere up to people to enjoy the fun of fishing!

"Fishing up" on the line, has aspirations to 33 countries and regions of the free application overall standings, 10 million downloads worldwide, was designated as the Apple iPhone, iPad applications pre-installed games,.

1.2 Release Notes:
- And focus on repairing the problem back flash game, better protect user data - Add new and interesting over many achievements, achievements in controlling their friends at any time to show off in the end! - New Super China, the United States and Hawaii undersea scene, as well as appearance of new species yet to wait for you to discover. - The introduction of super-exciting new ways of double gold, gold coins rolling double turn. - Added functionality to manually capture a key share, share with friends anytime, anywhere fun of fishing. - The picture is more beautiful, more abundant species, play more exciting. - Adjust the level of weight, the higher level, better enjoy the wealth of interesting new ways.

1 challenge elements
Among the many fishing game where you can say "fishing up" the game more difficult, but look at the average of three weeks for the update, R & D team has not dropped the game difficulty to blind to seize the market, they continue to enrich species, play to go its own way. Finally, we still chose her because this is a challenge, each spread out a net to be carefully considered, "technical" process of the final game did not become a simple mechanical movement, this is our most valued point.

2 free elements
Bureau of the game broke through screening and limited times, make the game more freedom, free time into the mood and time according to the game, subways, airports, coffee shops, and so a variety of local, small series countless times that the "fishing up people "who are fishing in a variety of places, because of the time and conditions of strong uncertainty, not because of the temporary unable to complete the inning game and unfortunately, not the taut nerves, very thorough physical and mental relaxation, fast degree scattered over a boring time.

3 sensory elements
Every person born has a pirate worship, like the pirate movie glittering, jingling coins, which is a native feeling, people relax, relieve stress, "fishing up" the new version, refreshing the vast sea background, pleasant and cheerful music, the atmosphere create a fish caught in a time when the sound of falling coins to be strengthened. "Fishing up" production team is very clever game with the freedom of its elements combined to make fun of the game itself is sufficient in every minute and easy.

* Game Features:
- Simplified Chinese version of the whole
- Readily fishing experience
- The freedom to choose network relegation, but the fishing strategy
- Enjoy making a lot of gold
- A wide variety of colorful fish
- Realistic underwater mimicry with you swim deep

Media comment:
[Any] play together Comments: very good fishing up to people reflects the essence of the game "simple is beautiful." From 3 years old, any age, any level of player a minute to get started, believe it will be addicted. Simple does not mean mentally retarded, "fishing up" and the title is very challenging, is skill, common sense, the combination of operations and luck, players challenge to stimulate the desire to continue to play one off a pass down. Although compared to the well-known works, the fishing of people still slightly flawed, but recently one of the most competitive domestic game.

"Play the game for what? 1, the name of cool, watching the beautiful; 2, do not be" mentally handicapped ", the story a little bit difficult. Fishing of people have done this game: art carefully crafted fired tropical sea view + fishing, the thrill of flying gold + net fishing income and expenditure balance ... ... more important is: you can not game rooms, anywhere in the love of the classic arcade game machine-like experience the pleasure of fishing. "
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