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Kids Preschool Essentials Lite

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**Fun4Kids Preschool Essentials Phone Edition- Lite Edition**(US English)
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Preschool Essentials is a fun and educational tool to help your toddler learn the basics such as Letters, Numbers, Colors, Shapes and Words.
Preschool Essentials Application contains a colorful set of essential flash cards for preschool. Fun4Kids Preschool Education employs professionals with years of expertise in helping toddlers getting ready for school.
Preschool provides a foundation for the child's entire education. Preschool Essentials Application includes hundreds of high quality graphics, images and animations to provide a foundation for your child's education.
Kids can touch on the letters/words as well as objects to hear related sounds. Early childhood is a time of wonder, openness, insatiable curiosity, and immense parental influence.
The best way to help ensure your child's success later in life is to lay a solid foundation for their education and help them succeed their future goals. Prescool Essentials Application plays a crucial role in this first step.

This app teaches the alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, and important words. Full list of Features:
* Letters : Letters of alphabet with letter sound and a sample object for each letter
* Numbers : Numbers from 1 to 20 with their sound and counting objects
* Words : 50 different words with high quality images and sounds
* Shapes : Geometrical shapes with images and their sound
* Colors : Colors with images and their sound.
* Kids-friendy user interface
* Easy menu for kids
* Vivid and high-definition images

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Latest version: 1.2 (for Android version 2.1 and higher, supports App2SD)
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