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Text your friends for *completely* free, MyPeople Messenger is a smartphone messenger available for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone as well as your PC, Web and Mac.

Why MyPeople?

★ Free should be just free
Unlimited texts, voice calls and group chats are *just free*, no ads

★ How to break the ice?
Why don't you let your "sticker cartoons" break the ice and kickoff conversions magically

★ No annoying phone calls at your office
You may be looking for MyPeople for PC and Mac as well. It allows you keep in stay with your colleagues and friends seamlessly at your desk.

And more,

★ Enjoy free calls as well as free texts
- International calls and texts are free
- Support completely free high-quality voice calls
- Support completely free *video calls* (Wifi only)

★ Send photos and mp3 files to your friends
- Send photos, videos and any files, and receive them instantly at your desktop as well as your phone
- *MP3 audio files* can be played right after receiving
- Up to *200MB* file can be transferred *from smartphones* and desktops as well

★ Start group chats and work together
- Start a group chat, and share links and documents, hold the context for collaboration

★ Don't hesitate and send "sticker cartoon" to your crush
- Let animated sticker cartoons make your friends laugh

★ Let your friends know what you are up to
- Presence message and profile pictures let your friends know what you are up to

★ Choose design themes and ringtones whatever you like
- Support various themes and ringtones

★ Yes, of course, messages are completely secure
- Conversations are encrypted for security

Good enough messenger apps aren't good enough any more. Give MyPeople a try!
For any feedback or questions, please email us. We’re always excited to hear from you!

* Messenger does all this using your existing data plan.

Recent changes:
★ All the Cartoon Stickers are *free* on MyPeople
★ Suggested Cartoon Stickers for quick reply
★ Free Video Calls are available (WIFI only)
★ Transferring and playing *MP3 files*
★ 200MB Video files can be transferred (from *smartphones* and desktops as well)
★ Dead easy way to log into PC/Mac version for mobile version users

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