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Nexus Media Importer

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2012-08-21 19:38
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Nexus Media Importer allows you to import and stream music, video and photos from a USB flash drive or SD card connected to your Nexus 7, or other Android 3.2+ devices that do not support mounting external storage. Google choose not to allow USB/SD Card access on the Nexus series. This software works-around that issue. Requires the following hardware. 1) A USB OTG Cable (Cost approximately $1 USD on Amazon), 2) A USB Flash Drive or USB SD Card Reader and SD Card.

To use:
-Attach the OTG cable to the Nexus or other device
-Attach your USB device to the OTG cable
-Select the file. The selected file's name appears in the preview window (currently only photos show preview).
-Click the play icon to stream or the save (disk) icon
-If save is successful, you can click the download notification to view it or see it in the Downloads app.

Technical Notes:

-The USB drive must be formatted as FAT16, FAT32 or exFAT (not NTFS or extX). FAT is the most common formats for SD and USB Drives.
-Read Only. You can not write to the attached device, only copy to the Android device.

Please try the free Nexus Photo Viewer to see if your device is supported.

Coming Soon:
+Web server running icon


Note on the new INTERNET permission - This app does not access the internet. This permission is required by Android to start the web server to stream video, etc. The server does not require WiFi or 3G connectivity to run, so it will work in airplane mode. The server is only accessible to the local device and cannot be seen on the internet or 3G network.

This software is not produced by Google, which owns the Nexus trademark.

Recent changes:
+Added support for m4v, m4a, wav, oga, ogg, ogv and flac file types
+Crash Fixes

+Video, Photo, Music Streaming Directly from Flash Device
+Multi-select / Multi-save
+Select New (Non-imported files)
+Documents Tab
+Imports registered with Downloads app
+Limited Support for Raw Formats (NEF & CR2)
+Bug Fixes

Latest version: 2.0.1 ()
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