Resizable Contacts Widget ICS

Resizable Contacts Widget ICS

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Put your favourite contacts on your home screen with quick actions, including directly making a phone call!

I have lost my release keystore, and can NOT make any further release. For the latest version please check my project site:

For those of you who are complaining about the low resolutions, this widget will never try to download the contact photos for you and directly get photos from the system contacts database. If you have a low resolution pictures in your People app, then there is no chance this widget would find any higher resolution copy for you.

Major Features:
* Add a list of contacts on your home screen
* The list of contacts could be either starred contacts or from any of your contact groups
* Resizable with default size to be 1 * 1.
* Sort your contacts by
** Times Contacted, the most frequently contacted appear at the top
** Last Time Contacted, the most recently contacted appear at the top
** Display Name
* A new stack view based wiget(fixed size 2*2) can show your contacts with larger images

This is an open sourced Android widget built for Android 3.2+ devices. It allows users to quickly view your favourite/starred contacts or any groups via a resizable/scrollable contacts grid.

##NOTEs, if you encounter any issue please uninstall your currently installed app and then re-install from the Market##

Current limitations:
* If you have multiple Google accounts synchronized to your device, the contact groups selection list would not distinguish where the group comes from
* Holo theme not working well for pre 4.0 devices, so the configuration window might not look good.

Tested Devices: Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

Recent changes:
v 1.2.2 release from
* trim the display name if it is too long

Latest version: 1.2.1 ()
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