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truBackup contains many powerful yet simple to use features. Using truBackup you have features that are the best of all backup tools in the market, but with an interface designed for simplicity and ease of use. Following are just a handful of the ways that get benefits from using the truBackup service.

[✔] Flexible Storage Media : With truBackup you can backup your Android device onto SDCARD or to your own Dropbox account. You can create a separate Dropbox account to just store your device data.

[✔] Incremental Backup : Do you have any content that gets modified regularly, new or updated contacts, new versions of your apps –truBackup will automatically detect the changes and update the content onto the storage media.

[✔] Scheduled Backups : Set up schedlued backups and let truBackup manage backing up incremental changes. Choose backup interval every hour, to a specific day and hour in a week or month. You can specify schedules. truBackup gives unmatched flexibility in choosing the content to backed up and schedule timings.

[✔] Multiple Devices : Need to backup more than one android device? Want to take a document or a media file from your tablet and copy it to your phone, With truBackup, you have the ability to backup multiple android devices within one main Dropbox account. You can browse the device content, choose content and selectively copy/restore data across the devices.

[✔] Restore Files 24/7 : Backed up data is useless if it can't be restored quickly and easily. With truBackup, restoring files can be accomplished at anytime with just a few clicks. What is unique about truBackup allows to selectively restore what is necessary for you.

[✔] Security & Encryption : With truBackup, your data is always safe. Your files are encrypted using state-of-the-art, 256 bit AES encryption and stored in redundant, secure data centers located hundreds of miles apart from each other.

[✔] Logs & Reports : How do you know your backups really worked? truBackup status lets you know what was backed up, when it was backed up, and how much storage space you are using.

NOTE: This is free application. Install truBackup License key app from the Play Store to enjoy premium version of this app.

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